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Detective Division

The Detective Division investigates felony crimes which occur throughout the City of Muscle Shoals.  The division's primary objectives are identification of offenders, gathering evidence and presenting criminal cases to the appropriate courts.

The Detective Division's assignments include:

* Crimes Against Persons: Homicide, Robbery, Rape and Assault

* Crimes Against Property: Burglary, Theft, Vehicle Break-Ins and Auto Theft

* Financial Crimes: Identity Theft, Forgery and Credit Card Fraud

* Evidence Collection: Processing crime scenes; including collection and securing of evidence at major crime scenes, evidence submission to the state forensics lab and maintaining security of the division's evidence room.

* Interviews of witnesses and interrogations of suspects for the purpose of building criminal cases.

* Maintaining working relationships with members of surrounding law enforcement agencies such as the Colbert County Drug Task Force, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and the Colbert County District Attorney's Office.

Sergeant Kenneth Vess

Detective Brad Hulsey

         Detective Eric Kelley

Detective Dustin Terry