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Police Reports

There are three ways you can obtain a copy of your report that you filed. 

  1. Purchasing a copy at the Muscle Shoals Police Department located at 1000 East Avalon Avenue, Muscle Shoals, AL  35661.  $8.00 Fee is required (cash or check only).
  2. Purchasing a copy through the mail.  Send request to Muscle Shoals Police Department Post Office Box 2624, Muscle Shoals, AL  35662.  $8.00 Fee is required (cash or check only).
  3. Purchase a copy online.  $15.00 fee is required (debit or credit card only). (Online is for purchase of accident reports only.  If you want an copy of an arrest report, complainant, incident/offence report or etc. you will have to come to the Muscle Shoals Police Department during regular business hours.)

Please note if you are involved in an accident that is on a State of Alabama Accident Report and the driver that is at fault does not have insurance you can file an SR-31 form.  This form can be completed and mailed to the Department of Public Safety in Montgomery to claim property damage or injury in excess of $500.00 by an uninsured motorist.  For an Alabama Department of Public Safety SR-31 form click here.

Please note: Your report will be available to you no more than five (5) working days after the date of your accident or the date you reported our incident. You can contact the Muscle Shoals Police Department Records Division if you have question concerning your report at (256)814-6061.

Only private property accidents from June 1, 2016 can be purchased online.  Private property accident before then will have to be purchased at the Muscle Shoals Police Department.    State Accident Reports can be purchased online from April 13, 2010 to present.

To purchase private property accident and state accident reports click here

We are back open for walk-ins from the
COVID-19 to pick up your police report.